4 Signs Your Website is due for Redesign

Your website is a direct image of your company. An outdated website makes your business look old and behind the times, while a fresh, new website design encourages visitors, increases conversions, and boosts business.  Here are four signs that your website is due for a redesign:

It was designed more than a few years ago

Web styles and trends are constantly changing. Websites that were designed in the last few years are outdated, making your business look behind your competitors. If your website is more than a few years old it’s time for a redesign.



There is no mobile version

With the increase usage of smartphones & tablets these days, chances are a lot of people are using them to check out your business. Upgrading your site to include a mobile version will help you reach your customers on every device.



Your site hasn’t embrace social media

Social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter are a great way to market your business and connect with your customers. Your website should make it easy for them to find you by including links to your social profiles.




It hasn’t kept up with your business

Your website should be a reflection of your business as it exists today. If your business’ products and services have evolved or if your branding or logo have been altered, it’s important to upgrade your site to match those changes.