A lot of people undermine the power of Facebook as a marketing tool and relate to it as nothing but a time wasting exercise. It might be true of people who use it for tracing high school classmates or for playing brainless video games. But what about authors who use it to host virtual release parties?

What about the non-governmental organizations that are raising massive donations for charitable causes using the same medium? It just goes on to affirm the old dictum– it is what you make of it.

  • The easiest way to make a Facebook profile work for you is by linking it back to your main website, online store, or wherever it is from where you desire to promote your product from. But there are other ways as well. A fan page is a page that can be created by anyone to admire absolutely anything that he feels is very arresting. It is a method of getting feed backs from other enthusiasts or non-enthusiasts regarding that particular subject. So you can simply start your own fan page. Book authors do it all the time to promote a novel they liked or their own novel and invite opinions of other people. In case you own a business worth promoting, just follow in their footsteps. Import your weblog with the Notes’ application and keep your fan page updated.
  • Use the ‘GROUPS’ APPLICATION on the Facebook and make a group of interested and like minded visitors. This can also help in marketing your brand as you can promote yourself as an authority on the product that you are selling. Say you are in charge of a restaurant and project yourself as a gourmet and a food critic by hobby. You can then advice your visitors on which restaurant to check out for a particular cuisine and the details of new food joints that might have opened in your city. This way you can build up your reliability with the interactive functionality that this application offers.
  • The bulletin application of the Facebook has an important application. It serves as an instant message board for all kinds of important announcements that you may need to make regarding a new product or a sale, or a new movie; which otherwise you probably had to let people know by calling them individually. It is also extremely helpful in connecting with your customers. Just post the details of all points of sale and the relevant URLs and see the increase in click-through traffic.

The facebook is increasingly being hailed all around the world as an innovative and effective avenue for business marketing. So don’t let your business lag behind due to some irrational and baseless fears regarding the efficacy of the internet.