Podcasting for Businesses

Although you may think that the term podcasting is simply an amalgamation of the words iPod and broadcasting, it means and does more than that. Any audio device that is capable of playing an MP3 file can be used for podcasting. Therefore, podcasting should be defined better for wider understanding.

Even if you have no idea what podcasting is you should find out more about this new technology and what it can do. Because, it truly can accomplish quite a bit. Recent developments in technology has made podcasting a useful way of sharing information.

Most people would know that iPod is a storage device designed by Apple Inc. that can store music, video and podcasts. But what many do not know is that even without an ipod one can indulge in podcasting. The fact that iPod is a part of the term podcast is simply coincidental, and advantageous for Apple.

Although you can use many file formats for podcasting the most commonly used one is MP3. MP3 is a file format used for audio files so that a lot of data can be stored without taking up too much space. This is the primary reason for it to be used in audio files so extensively.

Podcasts basically consist of audio files broadcasted on the Internet. Most people think of downloading music and storing it onto their iPod and listen to it anytime they want to. But podcasting is not only functional on an iPod. It can be used on other devices as well. Anything that is MP# friendly can be used for podcasting.

If you think it is the same as downloading music and listening to them on your MP3 player then you are mistaken. Podcasting allows the audio files to come to you instead of you looking out for them. This happens via file syndication and RSS feed. If you register yourself to a podcasting website then it becomes a lot simpler for you to attain the music of your choice daily on your podcasting device.

Instead of only storing it on the hard disk of your computer you can also transfer the podcast files onto your mobile music device to listen to music anytime, anywhere. Some of these devices have software programs installed in them that allow them to recognize podcast files when connected to the Internet via a computer so that they can automatically transfer the files onto the device. This makes it more convenient to listen to music whenever you want to without having to connect to the Internet or using the computer to have access to them.

Podcasting has made audio broadcasting much more portable. This allows circulation of information and ideas from people to people. Most people working in the entertainment field use podcasts to distribute information to one another through podcasts. You can also use it to share educational content if you are a student. And journalists use it to get their work done more easily.

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The time is not too far when podcasts will be followed by video casting. Here’s a list of sites you can submit your podcasts to: