Social Media Optimization Techniques

SMO or social media optimization is a system in which by using the attributes of search engine optimizations your web site is optimized amongst the most happening online communities. This can either be done by strewing links all across the community website to facilitate backlinking or by strengthening the interaction podium by writing numerous blogs and constantly updating their content. This will serve to recreate interest in your blogs amongst your regular visitors and have them coming back for more; though with additional company. This therefore is a more effective method of drawing traffic to your website.

So by now it is clear that if you have to popularize your brand you need to popularize your website. The guidelines below will simply help you a little in that endeavor.

Join a social media platform, for example—Digg, Delicious, twitter, facebook or Technorati. Besides the obvious advantage that your website will be looked up as a very ‘in-thing’ it will also improve the ranking and stature of your page in the tech community.

Tag your article in the correct way to increase visibility. Don’t be stupid enough, to tag an article as Acne when it deals with the more specific issue of acne scars.

Make your voice heard and opinion counted, by the tactful use of tagging. Focus on quantity as much as you would on quality. Keep on adding articles and white pages so that you give your visitors more than enough to chew on. If you do not update your website regularly they will soon lose interest to visit your site in the long run. This tactic therefore assists in adding to the linkability of your website.

The most significant requirement is to provide for methods that simplify ‘tagging’ and ‘bookmarking’ for your customers. This can be done if you provide easy quick buttons or ‘add to’. Allow for tag lists and notes for links to cumulate visibility.

Reward the incoming links as a sort of inducement to make them come back for more. This will not only bring in the existing customers but also pull in more traffic, who would want to get rewarded as well.

Offer downloadable files from your website in the forms of downloadable pdf. files, audio and video files and make them available to your customer either for free or at a negligible cost. An additional propaganda mechanism can be by sending their copies to various other websites.

Social media optimization has immense potential of escalating the ranking of your website to great heights. Let us now move over to the other technique of social media marketing.

So I hope by now you’re convinced of the power of social media marketing and also what’s it and how it works. If you’re determined to make it big this 2009, you must make full use of social media optimization. Indeed there are several social network sites only but in the next chapters, I have discussed about the top 7 social media namely – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, linkedin, Squidoo, podcasts and how you can use each of these and generate more traffic to your business.