Increase your sales by using your past customers’ testimonies!

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Have you ever purchased something that your friend recommended?

Didn’t this make you feel secure and safe since you knew that your friend was happy with the product or service?  The best kind of advertisement is word of mouth.  Even though it doesn’t  travel fast, it can do some magnificent results.  When one of your past customers tells other people how great your service is, it makes people feel secure, and safe.  It gives them a reason why to buy your service or product.  Give your past customers a chance to brag about you, use their testimonies.

You can use them as powerful tools to increase your sales dramatically.  First I would collect all the testimonies that you  have received from your past customers.  Then I would make a whole web page on your site and place the testimonies on that page.  I would suggest linking to their email address, so a potential client can email them and verify the testimony.  This also gives them the opportunity to speak with your past customers and find out all the great things that they have experienced with your service or product. They could then turn around and tell their friends what they heard.   This could tumble like a domino affect, causing you to have an explosion of sales.

There are many other ways you can use the testimonies.  If you have a newsletter that you publish, I would suggest putting an ad in the newsletter that contains The testimony and some information about your service or product.  This will give the potential client a real good reason to visit your site.  They already have proof about how good your service or product is.  I would also suggest using them in any advertisement you have, and this will give you the same benefits.

Try using your testimonies to answer your potential customers’ questions.  This will answer their questions, and will show them how good your service or product is.  This is like killing two birds with one stone.  You can also try putting some testimonies  in your follow ups that will give them a reason to act now.

There is still a big percentage of people on the Internet that are afraid to give out their credit card.  They do not think the  Internet is safe, and are worried that someone will steal their credit card number.  By having testimonies, it will make  them feel more comfortable and secure about buying your service
or product.

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